Bali Body Review

Every time that I Stare into the Sun…

I tried out self tanner for the first time a year ago when I was having some kind of crisis and decided I would start wearing self tanner and enormous eyelashes everyday.  I’m not generally a self-tanner and haven’t really worn it since I purchased that initial self tanner last year.  When Bali Body reached out to me and offered to send me some products I figured I would give it a second go.  I was interested in the BB Cream, as they don’t test on animals and it’s always nice to have a few more options like this available.  I was also interested in the Face Tan Water as I’ve found the body tan a bit too extreme for my face.

BB Cream SPF 15

Bali Body Review

The BB Cream SPF 15 is my favourite product I was sent, I’ve been wearing it just about every day for two months approximately.  I have the lightest shade, which is perfect for my skin (I’m still getting over that nightmare where Sephora mismatched me for the Makeup Forever foundation and I spent all winter explaining to people that I had not, infact been on a tropical vacation).  While I am guilty of liking full coverage (I wish I didn’t, I wish I had perfect skin, but I don’t and I’m quite self conscious about it…so full coverage foundation it is), this is lighter than my usual go-to and I like that.  Eventually I’d like, one day, to find the perfect skincare regime which leaves me with glowing, poreless skin – until then, living with light coverage will have to do.  Personally I do still use a concealer over the BB cream, because it just doesn’t hide my sins the way I wish it would.  It’s not a buildable formula, but it’s a great weight for the summer.  I like the BB cream formula because it’s so simple for summer – I skip my daily moisturizer, primer and sunscreen and just get straight into makeup.  The less products I can use in the humid Toronto summer the better.

Face Tan Water

The Face Tan Water comes in a clear liquid which you apply with a cotton round following your nightly skincare regime.  I apply it once a week, on the night I exfoliate.  It’s recommended to apply twice a week, but since my skin is too sensitive to exfoliate more than once a week I just settle with once and quite frankly, that works for me.  The Face Tan Water gives me a nice healthy glow – enough for me to notice, but not so much that I look like a different person.  It’s the perfect amount of tan to give you a slight tan even if you don’t tan your body you can get away with a bit of a darker tone on your face – which is perfect for those months where you want a bit of colour, but not into tanning your entire body..

Bali Body Review

Self Tanning Mousse

I’m of Irish and English descent and I look it.  The Self Tanning Mousse comes only in the colour “Dark”, which personally I think is perhaps a touch too dark for my skin tone, but I do love the tan it gives.  The first time I used the tan I used it only on my legs because I wanted to wear a dress and wasn’t sure how it would apply (picture above to see the tan & my natural skin tone) – I’ve actually up until now never used a self tanner all over my body at once.  I was a bit shocked by the colour to be honest and worried I was looking a little orange – I had applied it in the evening and wore it for a few hours before bed – then wore it for another eight hours over night, this was not necessary.    

When it came off I did notice it began to streak a bit and even rubbed off where the ankle strap of my sandals sat.  I’ve been told that self-tanner typically smells terribly, but the mousse doesn’t really smell at all, I also find it comfortable to sleep in-I don’t even notice it, not a sticky formula.  It applies quite evenly, if it’s uneven that’s because I still haven’t figured out how to apply tanner properly-c’est la vie.