Goal Planning: My Bucket List

a dream written down with a date, becomes a goal

It has been said that if you want to accomplish your goals you should share them with others.  By doing this we are keeping ourselves accountable.  It’s easier to to give up on ourselves, but when others are watching, the stakes are much higher.  So today I’d like to share some of my bucket list goals with YOU!  As a Virgo, goal planning comes quite naturally to me.  I feel much more at peace when I have a written plan which I can follow.  Despite the way the world has gone, with digital calendars and automated reminders, I think I will always prefer to write down my goals and plan ahead on pretty stationary.  There is something therapeutic about being able to write down your goals and hold them in your hand.  

I chose my current planner for the Chanel quote on the cover.  It is full of inspirational quotes on just about every page.  I’m normally not one for inspirational quotes, as they can be a bit basic, but sometimes it may surprise you when one of these can come to you exactly when you need it.  (Last year my boyfriend, David moved to NYC on the 11th of April.  On that exact page of my planner from that year was the Charles Dickens quote the pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again”, which I thought was really special, even if only a coincidence.)  The monthly overview and weekly set up with spots for goals and reminders is perfect for me to see my short and long term goals.  I like having a large set of goals for the future and breaking those down into shorter, more attainable goals, each one leading to the next.  

It takes twenty-one days to form a new habit.  I like to choose one large personal goal to change about myself each month (like drinking two litres of water a day, or waking up at 6am).  By choosing to tackle one personal goat each month, it becomes much more attainable than deciding to change several life habits at once.  Then it’s just one small aspect of your life you have to focus on each day to change and by the time the month is finished, the habit has changed and you can move on to the next!  In addition to being a Virgo I am also an INTJ (we are very rare and we are mostly men…name that movie quote!) so I like a structured and logical path to follow, which is sometimes difficult as the world and life don’t follow a logical and structured path.  So, it just works best for me if I can create one for myself!  

Posting my bucket list also serves the purpose of allowing my readers to get to know me better, by sharing something more personal on my blog.  I hope you enjoy this different kind of post, I’m always interested in knowing the person who’s blogs I follow.  Let me know some of your bucket list items in the comments, or if you have accomplished any of these!

Live in seven different countries (including NYC in America)

My grandparents lived in six different countries (Ireland, England, Ghana, Canada, The United States of America & India), I want to take it one further and make it seven.  I have so far lived in two (Canada & Ireland).  I think life is to short to spend it all in one place.  I love the way moving to a new country can push you to grow as a person and loved the stories my grandparents had of their lives all around the world.  I also have an EU passport and having it with the sole purpose of passing through the shorter customs line seems like an absolute waste.

Visit the pyramids

I have loved Egypt since I was a little girl.  I am fascinated by Ancient Egypt, the mummies, the pyramids, The Nile.  I hope I will feel safe enough within my lifetime to visit the country, I have a great fear that the pyramids will be destroyed before I have the chance to see them.

Take a hot air balloon ride in Turkey

The pictures I’ve seen of all the hot air balloons floating over the beautiful Turkish landscape look just magical.

Road trip along Route 66

I love American road trips, visiting all the small quintessentially American towns across the country.  The views along Route 66 around Utah and Arizona look like my exact idea of actualized freedom.

Have a candlelit dinner in a Ferris wheel in Vienna

There is a Ferris wheel in the Prater amusement park in Vienna, where you can have a candlelit dinner and frankly I think this is just one of the dreamiest and most romantic things ever.  Vienna also happens to be one of my favourite cities (perhaps it will serve as one of my seven residences!)

Attend Vienna's Opera Ball

Vienna’s Opera Ball, held at their beautiful opera house is a little bit of old world glamour available for us to experience today.  I adore history and the idea of dressing up in a ball gown and attending the Opera Ball to experience what Vienna’s aristocracy enjoyed would be a dream come true for me.

Learn a third language

I took French immersion in school from the age of five and have basic conversational and reading ability (although to be honest I’d like to work on that as well).  I absolutely love language and find it’s history, structure and even the fact that it exists fascinating.  My masters thesis was intended to be on Neurolinguistics and I know if I were to ever return to academia it would be to study language and linguistics in some capacity.  I started learning Hebrew in January, but haven’t been very good about keeping up with that.

Fully accomplish my two side splits & centre splits

I used to have my side splits ( I think on my left side, still my more flexible side) and very close on the right side, but have never fully accomplished centre splits.  I have officially been working out consistently (six days a week) for eight months now and am in the best shape of my life.  I’ve always been very flexible, but the splits is kind of considered the ultimate in flexibility (before entering the world of contortion at least).

Go diving in the Maldives

I’m not going to lie, this one kind of terrifies me.  As you can probably tell so far from this list and if you know me, I’m not a risk taker (but that’s what bucket lists are for, right!?) so I am putting at least one item on here outside my comfort zone.  Despite the risk involved, I think if I miss out on seeing the life that lives beneath the water on this planet, then I will not have fully explored what it has to offer.  The Maldives has one of the world’s most incredible coral reefs and I generally just want to see The Maldives as well, so this kind of accomplishes two goals in one.

Spend Ski Week in the French, or Swiss Alps

This goal is two fold.  I went out this past spring on skis for the first time in about fifteen years.  I was so incredibly happy to be back on the slopes.  So the first part of this goal would be to become comfortable enough on my skis to actually be able to 1. last a week skiing and 2. handle the kind of mountains I would face in the alps.  The second part would be, I believe, the easier of the two, which is actually make the plans to go out for ski week, as well as find travelling companions to go with.

xx Sheila