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      Happy Place & My Musings on Instagram
    • Toronto Fashion Week: Narces

      Toronto Fashion Week: Narces
    • Working in Social Media: Instagram Tips

      Working in Social Media: Instagram Tips
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      Most Instagrammable Walls in Toronto

    Girl, Interrupted

    The view of the harbour from our hotel in Belleville This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.  For the four days off I’ve gone south to New England, specifically north-eastern Massachusetts.  Initially I wanted to visit Salem to learn about the witch trials of 1692.  Today consisted primarily of scenic drives through picturesque upstate New York and New England towns.  Last night we stayed in Belleville Ontario, which I had never been to before.  We arrived after dark and left as the sun was rising, but from what I saw it was very architecturally beautiful and I would really like to go back for a weekend to explore it…

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    Excursion: Tulum & Xel-Há

    While we were in Mexico (that post HERE) we went on a double excursion to Tulum and Xel-Há (pr. shell ha).  The excursion cost around $100 and was completely worth it.  We took a bus first thing in the morning to Tulum, which took approximately one hour from our resort in Cancún.  Our guide was great and made the trip go buy so much faster by explaining Mayan culture and Mexican history the whole ride.  We also had the opportunity to order a handcrafted Mayan calendar portraying our name and birth date in Mayan hieroglyphs, mine is below. Tulum is a preserved ancient…

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    Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Last November my friend and I decided to escape the Canadian cold and take an all inclusive trip.  I had never been on an all inclusive before and figured it would be the most economical option to get away.  Neither of us had ever been to Mexico and I wasn’t terribly picky about were we went as I had never been anywhere in the Caribbean.  We decided on Cancún, which is an infamous party city where frat kids escape to on reading week (spring break).  However, since we were going in November we figured we would avoid most of that scene.…

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    Abandoned House

    After visiting the Muskoka Cottage Sanitorium (that post HERE) my friend took me to visit this abandoned house.  It was strange as I actually know the people who once lived there.  I haven’t much to say about it, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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    Huronia Regional Centre

    Today I had the opportunity to visit the Huronia Regional Centre, formerly the Orillia Asylum for Idiots and the Ontario Hospital School, Orillia.  The building, was originally a hotel and later a centre for those with developmental disabilities, which closed in 2009.  It has now been opened for a few specific dates for sole purpose of tours.  A few of the buildings are currently in use, one which serves as the Orillia courthouse, another used for raid training by the Ontario Provincial Police.  The photo above served as the main administration building and faces Lake Simcoe, as well as the…

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    These are A few of My Favourite Things