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    • Happy Place & My Musings on Instagram

      Happy Place & My Musings on Instagram
    • Toronto Fashion Week: Narces

      Toronto Fashion Week: Narces
    • Working in Social Media: Instagram Tips

      Working in Social Media: Instagram Tips
    • Most Instagrammable Walls in Toronto

      Most Instagrammable Walls in Toronto

    Muskoka Cottage Sanitorium

    About a year ago, in September 2013 I made a visit to the Muskoka Cottage Sanitorium.  I had learned of it while studying Tuberculosis in a course on plagues and disease while at the University of Toronto.  As I had grown up in Muskoka this a very convenient trip for me to make.  The sanitorium, built in 1897 was the first place of respite in Canada for those suffering from Tuberculosis (which also goes by consumption, phthisis and TB).  It was renamed in 1902 to The Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives, the first tuberculosis hospital in the world to offer…

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    HM-40 Nike Missile Testing Site

    What I Wore: Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters Top: Vintage Shorts: Penney’s Loafers: KG by Kurt Geiger While in Florida in 2012 (that post here) we took a day trip down to The Keys.  Out in the brush of Key Largo we came across this abandoned Nike Missile Testing site.  From the outside it was a long narrow building, which had been overgrown with palms. The Shining The inside resembled a hospital, or hotel, as there was a narrow hallway studded with small bedrooms on each side. There were many of these shackles throughout, which made us believe it may have been something…

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    Little Miss Sunshine State

    Being from eastern Canada, Florida is a natural vacation spot for my family.  I’ve been there so many times it has begun to feel like my second home.  We last went there in March of 2013 and stayed in Homestead, right by the Everglades. Here I am with some turkey vultures, re-enacting Hitchcock’s, ‘The Birds’.  These birds are actually a riot to watch.  They bully the alligators around and actually made off with a man’s coat while he was distracted photographing the wildlife. What I Wore: Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters Purse: Penney’s Cardigan: Vintage Top: Abercrombie & Fitch Shorts: Vintage Remember the…

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    Tír na nÓg

    Irish double rainbow In 2012 I spent four months living in Dublin, Ireland while studying at Trinity College.  As I was busy with my program I didn’t see much outside of Dublin, but I’ll share with you what I saw and learned in Ireland. Upon arriving in Dublin, to the rain, which lasted my entire stay (no sarcasm), I was greeted by my relatives, whom I had not yet met.  They welcomed me graciously into their home and started my visit off right, with a Full Irish.  This being a full Irish breakfast, including eggs, toast, sausages, ham (which they…

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    A North American Girl in Paris

    Six years ago I traveled through Paris, Avignon and Provence.  The highlight was definitely Moulin Rouge, I recommend it for anyone travelling to Paris.  I was there in the middle of July and thus a bit of the whimsy of Paris was swept away to make room for tourists.  I did enjoy the arbitrarily placed carousels throughout the city though. The above photo is what I got when I asked for a hamburger, somewhere in Provence.  The remaining photos are of Provence. Here we are playing with a stray cat in the little stone village we were staying in.  Coming…

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    These are A few of My Favourite Things