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      Happy Place & My Musings on Instagram
    • Toronto Fashion Week: Narces

      Toronto Fashion Week: Narces
    • Working in Social Media: Instagram Tips

      Working in Social Media: Instagram Tips
    • Most Instagrammable Walls in Toronto

      Most Instagrammable Walls in Toronto

    Fall 2018 Couture

    I used to be obsessed with fashion. Since the age of about ten, when I discovered La Senza Girl (now sadly defunct, a store for preteens with lotos of sparkles, pink and spaghetti straps, it was the millennium!) I realized I could have a signature and personal style. This evolved from a yearning to fit in with my classmates in elementary school and junior high into a need to be unique in high school. When Condé Nast released it’s first issue of Teen Vogue I was the happiest little girl in the world. It was as though someone had finally made something for me! It was truly the first fashion magazine directed at pre-teens and teens. Where Seventeen’s fashion came up pedestrian and Vogue didn’t speak to the younger generation, Teen Vogue found the perfect spot in editorial. My senior year of high school I had developed a true love for designers, thanks to the magazine. I remember the year Chloé released the padlock bags and the chunky heels and wedges, I was obsessed and couldn’t get enough, or when Miu Miu had their circus collection, or the swallows (I still want those pink platforms!). I loved the way fashion was wearable art and so much more than a practical way to protect ourselves. This love of fashion and designers followed me into undergrad, where I started and shut down many a fashion blog, where I would curate and publish my favourite looks from each season’s collections. My favourite designers being Red Valentino, Marchesa and Rodarte to name just a few. Somewhere along the lines though, I feel like I fell out of touch with fashion. Although I have maintained a personal style and love of shopping on the high street I lost connection with the world of designers and I just want to say, I miss it! I was talking over coffee with my cousin last week and telling her about this lost connection and how I feel it missing as part of me. I recently followed all my favourite designers on Instagram and have resolved to make more of an effort in keeping up with fashion, both in my personal life and on my blog. So I’m starting off by sharing my favourites from last week’s Paris Haute Couture. I’ve included my favourite designers. I’m so excited for this post and hope you love these picks as much as I do.

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    PUMA En Pointe & New York City Ballet

    Last Saturday I was invited by a collaboration between PUMA and Sportcheck to workout with two New York City Ballet dancers.   A group of us gathered at Toronto’s Extension Room,  a lovely airy and white washed dance studio near the Distillery District at 8am to try out the PUMA En Pointe collection.  PUMA En Pointe is a new collection inspired by dance, both in aesthetic, with soft pink and satin bows, as well as in practical use, with shoes with flexible soles and soft uppers to allow for articulation of the foot, a very important aspect of dance, particularly ballet.

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    Goal Planning: My Bucket List

    It has been said that if you want to accomplish your goals you should share them with others. By doing this we are keeping ourselves accountable. It’s easier to to give up on ourselves, but when others are watching, the stakes are much higher. So today I’d like to share some of my bucket list goals with YOU! As a Virgo, goal planning comes quite naturally to me. I feel much more at peace when I have a written plan which I can follow. Despite the way the world has gone, with digital calendars and automated reminders, I think I will always prefer to write down my goals and plan ahead on pretty stationary. There is something therapeutic about being able to write down your goals and hold them in your hand.

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    The Ordinary: Luxury Dupes & Review

    The beauty and skincare world has been alight for the past year with conversations about, The Ordinary. An affordable (like, jaw dropping, preposterously inexpensive) line from the Deciem beauty company. The Ordinary has a collection of serums, acids and foundations with clinical names, claiming to provide customers with the raw essential products, no flashy names, no flashy labels and no flashy price tag that comes with the products’ luxury counterparts. Now, I am a skincare fanatic. I am obsessed with my regimented routine (posts HERE & HERE) that I go through as methodically as a sociopath every single morning and evening. It doesn’t matter how exhausted I am, how friendly I got with the Maker’s Mark, I never skip my date with my skincare products. Most of these being luxury branded. I have been a longstanding member of the VIB Rouge club at Sephora and the only time you’ll find me in the drugstore is to pick up something from LaRoche Posay if they’ve brought something new to Canada. I love my Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Kate Sommerville, Tom Ford, Dior and Sunday Riley beauty products. I love that the formulas actually FEEL expensive, I love having my Sunday Riley bottles, with their glass tubes and gold foiled lables displayed prominently on my vanity and to be honest, a part of me even likes the luxury price tag. So I am admittedly, a little late to The Ordinary party, which has none of these things. However, when I saw that the products were being sold by Sephora, (a relationship, which has in the mean-time allegedly desintegrated-I’m not getting involved) whom I trust to sell only the best, I decided to give these products a go. After hearing that many of The Ordinary products are actually dupes for some of my most loved luxury holy grails, I picked up six of their products to see what all the fuss was about! Find out below my thoughts on The Ordinary luxury dupes.

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    June 2018 Book Recommendations

    About a year ago I posted my first reading list, a lengthy one, including all my favourite books. I am a total bookworm, a quality I inherited from my paternal grandmother who read several books a week throughout her life. I truly believe life is better when you have a good book on the go, it’s like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. As I myself am always looking for my next read, I’d like to make book recommendations a mainstay on my blog. I have been pouring through books lately, so I have several recommendations, hopefully I can keep up my pace and be able to have a few recommendations every couple of month on here! Please feel free to leave your favourite books and recent good reads in the comments, I love for this to become a space to create recommendations for like-minded people with similar interests!

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    These are A few of My Favourite Things