Miami Look Book

Miami is known primarily for two things beautiful beaches & beautiful people “real sweet faces” as Will Smith once so eloquently put it. While for North-Easterner’s such as myself it’s the perfect vacation getaway- given our proximity, it’s also a nerve wracking endeavour to always be looking your best while on vacation. It’s a city which is truly all about what you’re wearing, where you’re going & who you’ll be seen there with. I’ve been travelling to Miami my entire life & I feel pretty well acquainted with the vibe in America’s favourite party city. While I was there for two weeks in Febuary, I curated a look book of sorts for those of you travelling to the beach for the first time.

Spring 2019 Trends

Spring 2019 is for the bold, adventurous dressers. Increase in exaggeration, statement pieces and creating larger silhouettes. Be it a statement headband from Prada, layers upon layers of ruffles at Marc Jacobs, or the 80’s back with puffed sleeves at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, Spring 2019 is not about conforming and simplicity in dress.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear

Paris fashion week for Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear was defined by glamour. My predictions for the seasons trends include black sequins- blazers, short shorts (the one’s that pair well with black sheer tights- see Saint Laurent & Miu Miu), hair accessories, alligator leather bags & the return of chunky heels. Of course this was the absolute final show for Karl Lagerfeld – his Chanel show for which we were all very excited to witness. I honestly expected a bit more, thought it was a week after his passing and and there was a commemoration for him at Fendi, I’ve always considered Lagerfeld synonymous with Chanel and expected them to do something HUGE, after all, the runway was where he loved to play with themes.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear

I often have a hard time pinning down the specific trends which will carry forward from Milan fashion week because the designers I’m drawn to from this city are so diverse. Gucci, Vivetta, Blumarine to name a few of my favourites are all so unique in what they do. One thing which can always be counted on from Milan is the luxury & opulence which is on show much more than the other major three fashion capitals.

London Fashion Week Fall 2019 Ready to Wear

London Fashion Week Fall 2019 Ready to Wear brought us colour above all else – something which has been amiss in fashion for a while now. So much vibrant colour of all different shades. London Fashion Week is known best for its roster of quirky and artistic designers with the likes of Christopher Kane, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and new addition David Quinn. This season we’re looking at a few highlights from LFW. Main trends include the use of colour, experimenting with different shapes and plays on classic styling and a return to the millennium.