Spring 2020 RTW NYC

New York’s Spring 2020 was an eclectic mix.  Difficult to sum up as the collections vary so much in what they bring to the week.  Ready-to-wear met haute couture at Vaquera.  We were transported in time at Jeremy Scott & Marc Jacobs.  While Brock Collection made us all feel like a princess.  Includes also some of the collections from off the runway.

Fall 2019 Couture

I’ve decided to format this post a bit differently. While historically for the collections I’ve divided them more by trend to keep things more streamlined.

Fall 2019 RTW Etc.

The remaining collections which didn’t show during the big four.

Resort 2020

Rather than summing up the fashion from resort 2020 I thought I would take this moment to speak a bit on resort wear in 2020. Particularly on its necessity within the fashion community. One of the biggest issues currently facing the community is that of sustainability. Being one of the largest contributors to waste, the industry is currently looking for ways to adjust its (rather large) environmental footprint. I think a great place to begin would be cutting back on volume. I love fashion. Most of my paycheque goes towards new clothes, most of my free time is spent in some capacity thinking about fashion – be it scrolling through the pages of an online magazine, or flicking through the pages of a hard copy, or shopping either in person, or online, or even putting together looks in my bedroom. I am certainly no saint when it comes to minimalism in fashion. I do however, not see the need for six major fashion seasons a year. I live in Toronto – a place which truly experiences all four seasons. If even I – someone who lives in one of the least temperate climates with a huge love of clothes can’t see the purpose, I think it’s time we give up at least Resort and Pre-Fall. Many of these looks could easily fall into either a spring, or fall show. I don’t believe it necessary for designers to be pulling out six full seasons a year. We need two seasons and couture is a nice addition for a creative outlet for the select designers who fall into couture houses. Anyway, enjoy my selection of my favourites from Resort 2020. RIP.

Miami Look Book

Miami is known primarily for two things beautiful beaches & beautiful people “real sweet faces” as Will Smith once so eloquently put it. While for North-Easterner’s such as myself it’s the perfect vacation getaway- given our proximity, it’s also a nerve wracking endeavour to always be looking your best while on vacation. It’s a city which is truly all about what you’re wearing, where you’re going & who you’ll be seen there with. I’ve been travelling to Miami my entire life & I feel pretty well acquainted with the vibe in America’s favourite party city. While I was there for two weeks in Febuary, I curated a look book of sorts for those of you travelling to the beach for the first time.