Designer 101: Chanel

I began working on this post initially over a month ago & decided to set it down & mix it up a bit. This series it’s actually a fair bit of work – skimming through the collections for my favourite pieces, organizing them into a post, researching the house & it’s designers and finally putting into my own words the history & what the designer means to me. Chanel has no less than six seasons a year, each of those having approximately 50-100 looks with hundreds if not thousands of pieces. I took a break to work on some other posts & then couture week happened and now fashion month is in full swing and I was going to come back to it following maybe a few lifestyle and beauty posts as to not overwhelm my content with fashion posts. In the wake of Karl Lagerfeld’s passing however, I thought it only fitting to put out a piece to commemorate him in time for the showing of his final collection.

New York City Fashion Week Fall 2019 Ready to Wear

I’m currently in transit from Miami to Toronto – where they’ve been experiencing -40ºC for the past two weeks whilst I’ve been tanning on Miami Beach & drinking Coladas in The Keys.  That being said, the last thing I want to think about right now is how I’ll be layering up for next autumn’s weather, when I’m still worrying about my lack of layers for when I land back on Canadian soil in about two hours time.  Alas, there are some beautiful pieces to admire in these collections for next fall & I have a few months before I have to worry about how I’ll be styling them.  Although right about now, I’m more concerned about my next exit south and perhaps a permanent one to a more temperate climate.

Pre-Fall 2019

So many wonderful collections from Pre-Fall 2019. Each designer so unique, that I struggle to sum up the season. There are many though that took one of fashion’s favourite routes – that of diving back into the archives for inspiration. Including Ancient Egypt at Chanel, Baroque & Ancient Rome at Moschino and plenty of ’90s inspiration as is the current trend.

Spring 2019 Couture

Couture week – when the die hard fashion girls travel to the world’s most romantic city to lose themselves in shimmering, gauzy fashion dreams. I sadly, have been losing my mind in the arctic tundra that is Toronto – keeping warm with thoughts of haute couture circus clowns, articles of clothing made of oversized bows and the most expressive fashion season of the year.

Designer 101: Balenciaga

I have great appreciation for Balenciaga’s willingness to push boundaries in design. Even their ready-to-wear has elements of couture and futuristic inspiration. That kind of innovation has staying power in the fashion world. Today, over 100 years after their founding in 1917 in Spain, Balenciaga is still one of the hottest and most influential luxury fashion brands. You can thank Cristóbal Balenciaga for babydoll dresses, bubble skirts and knee high boots (& I do). The entire footwear sections of department stores are currently filled with sock shoes/boots and chunky running shoes… but we all know who’s original design that is.