PUMA En Pointe & New York City Ballet

Last Saturday I was invited by a collaboration between PUMA and Sportcheck to workout with two New York City Ballet dancers.   A group of us gathered at Toronto’s Extension Room,  a lovely airy and white washed dance studio near the Distillery District at 8am to try out the PUMA En Pointe collection.  PUMA En Pointe is a new collection inspired by dance, both in aesthetic, with soft pink and satin bows, as well as in practical use, with shoes with flexible soles and soft uppers to allow for articulation of the foot, a very important aspect of dance, particularly ballet.

Best of Toronto: Food, Coffee, Shopping & Beauty

I wanted to curate a list of my Toronto favourites for all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food etc.  I find these so helpful when I’m visiting a new city, or even when I’m looking for some inspiration myself in Toronto.  I am such a creature of habit so, as much as I like trying out new things, when I find something I like I am pretty loyal to what I have found works for me.  I hope if you are visiting Toronto, or are a Torontonian yourself you will take a chance to check out some of my options and…

These are A few of My Favourite Things