Resort 2019

Collection of highlights from Women’s 2019 Resort Wear. Includes beautiful, femenine styles from Red Valentino, Erdem & Marchesa amongst many more.

My Favourite Designer Pieces of All Time

Do you have any pieces, or collections, which despite trends which come and go, or the major changes which fashion undergoes each season, remain favourites and relevant years later? This is a collection of my favourite pieces of all time, ranging from 2006 to 2010. I chose these dates because for one, they have truly stood the test of time and secondly because these were the years I really had my ear to the street (or runway more aptly) of the fashion world. I hope you enjoy this curatorial project I put together. Let me know if you remember any of these looks, or which season/collection you feel the same way about!

Fall 2018 Couture

I used to be obsessed with fashion. Since the age of about ten, when I discovered La Senza Girl (now sadly defunct, a store for preteens with lotos of sparkles, pink and spaghetti straps, it was the millennium!) I realized I could have a signature and personal style. This evolved from a yearning to fit in with my classmates in elementary school and junior high into a need to be unique in high school. When Condé Nast released it’s first issue of Teen Vogue I was the happiest little girl in the world. It was as though someone had finally made something for me! It was truly the first fashion magazine directed at pre-teens and teens. Where Seventeen’s fashion came up pedestrian and Vogue didn’t speak to the younger generation, Teen Vogue found the perfect spot in editorial. My senior year of high school I had developed a true love for designers, thanks to the magazine. I remember the year Chloé released the padlock bags and the chunky heels and wedges, I was obsessed and couldn’t get enough, or when Miu Miu had their circus collection, or the swallows (I still want those pink platforms!). I loved the way fashion was wearable art and so much more than a practical way to protect ourselves. This love of fashion and designers followed me into undergrad, where I started and shut down many a fashion blog, where I would curate and publish my favourite looks from each season’s collections. My favourite designers being Red Valentino, Marchesa and Rodarte to name just a few. Somewhere along the lines though, I feel like I fell out of touch with fashion. Although I have maintained a personal style and love of shopping on the high street I lost connection with the world of designers and I just want to say, I miss it! I was talking over coffee with my cousin last week and telling her about this lost connection and how I feel it missing as part of me. I recently followed all my favourite designers on Instagram and have resolved to make more of an effort in keeping up with fashion, both in my personal life and on my blog. So I’m starting off by sharing my favourites from last week’s Paris Haute Couture. I’ve included my favourite designers. I’m so excited for this post and hope you love these picks as much as I do.

PUMA En Pointe & New York City Ballet

Last Saturday I was invited by a collaboration between PUMA and Sportcheck to workout with two New York City Ballet dancers.   A group of us gathered at Toronto’s Extension Room,  a lovely airy and white washed dance studio near the Distillery District at 8am to try out the PUMA En Pointe collection.  PUMA En Pointe is a new collection inspired by dance, both in aesthetic, with soft pink and satin bows, as well as in practical use, with shoes with flexible soles and soft uppers to allow for articulation of the foot, a very important aspect of dance, particularly ballet.

Best of Toronto: Food, Coffee, Shopping & Beauty

I wanted to curate a list of my Toronto favourites for all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food etc.  I find these so helpful when I’m visiting a new city, or even when I’m looking for some inspiration myself in Toronto.  I am such a creature of habit so, as much as I like trying out new things, when I find something I like I am pretty loyal to what I have found works for me.  I hope if you are visiting Toronto, or are a Torontonian yourself you will take a chance to check out some of my options and…