Bali Body Review

I tried out self tanner for the first time a year ago when I was having some kind of crisis and decided I would start wearing self tanner and enormous eyelashes everyday. I’m not generally a self-tanner and haven’t really worn it since I purchased that initial self tanner last year. When Bali Body reached out to me and offered to send me some products I figured I would give it a second go. I was interested in the BB Cream, as they don’t test on animals and it’s always nice to have a few more options like this available. I was also interested in the Face Tan Water as I’ve found the body tan a bit too extreme for my face.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s Beauty Regime

The seemingly odd, extreme and even sad lengths that Elisabeth (Sisi), Austria’s beloved Empress of the 19th century, went through to maintain her looks. Discussing Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s beauty regime, morning and night as well as her infamous strict diet and exercise routine.

N15: Your New Favourite Toronto Hair Salon

I’ll be honest, I’m very selfish when it comes to sharing my favourite spots. When I discover a new favourite place I worry about it becoming everyone’s favourite spot and that it will not belong to me anymore. Which is why I’m probably better off being a fashion blogger than a lifestyle blogger. Last Saturday I visited a new hair salon and I’m so excited about my latest discover, I decided to share it here. I’ve never been one to be loyal to a hair salon, sometimes I feel like the only girl in the world without a dedicated stylist. Historically I’ve booked last minute, or made walk-in appointments, but I think I’ve finally learned my lesson with that kind of behaviour.

Fitness Tips: How to Start & Maintain A Routine

My top fitness tips to start and maintain a healthy routine you will love, to see the results you are looking for and feel good doing it.

PUMA En Pointe & New York City Ballet

Last Saturday I was invited by a collaboration between PUMA and Sportcheck to workout with two New York City Ballet dancers.   A group of us gathered at Toronto’s Extension Room,  a lovely airy and white washed dance studio near the Distillery District at 8am to try out the PUMA En Pointe collection.  PUMA En Pointe is a new collection inspired by dance, both in aesthetic, with soft pink and satin bows, as well as in practical use, with shoes with flexible soles and soft uppers to allow for articulation of the foot, a very important aspect of dance, particularly ballet.