Palácio da Bolsa

I awoke early on my final day in Porto to take in some of the history and even snuck in a cheeky bit of shopping.  How I managed to fit more into my already stuffed full suitcase will forever remain a mystery.  I began my day at Palácio da Bolsa, a financial building, which allows for tour groups.  I was lucky to find myself in a three person group, with two Spaniards.  Which meant my pour tour guide had to repeat everything once in Spanish and again in English for myself.  I was very impressed though with her grasp on…

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Bom Jesus do Monte

My second day in Portugal began at a café in the centre of a pedestrian street just across from São Bento train station.  I had a toasted ham & cheese sandwich and Americano.  I’m sorry Europe, but I still just can’t get on board with your coffee!  Another European custom which I still have difficulty with is the lack of gratuities, I just feel horrible leaving a restaurant without tipping my server.  So, after the shock of learning my meal was only 3.50EUR I left a five euro bill.  I then crossed over the street to the train station to…

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How To Fight Loneliness

Having a few extra days before flying back to Canada I decided to take advantage of Europe’s famous Ryanair flights and fly out to Porto, Portugal for a few days.  The flight is only an hour long and a bargain at what equates to about 50CAD.  The catch being you can bring a carry-only with the option to upgrade to checked luggage, which doubles the cost of your ticket.  However, I’ve found  those who board last (which I usually opt for to decrease the amount of time I have to spend in the cabin) will have their luggage checked, as…

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These are A few of My Favourite Things