A North American Girl in Paris

Six years ago I traveled through Paris, Avignon and Provence.  The highlight was definitely Moulin Rouge, I recommend it for anyone travelling to Paris.  I was there in the middle of July and thus a bit of the whimsy of Paris was swept away to make room for tourists.  I did enjoy the arbitrarily placed carousels throughout the city though. The above photo is what I got when I asked for a hamburger, somewhere in Provence.  The remaining photos are of Provence. Here we are playing with a stray cat in the little stone village we were staying in.  Coming…

Here Kitty Kitty

 These photos were taken in an abandoned house in Port Dover, southern Ontario ten years ago. Welcome!  I thought I would start this space as a place to collect my travel and urban exploration memories.  I’m fascinated by the history of psychology (psychology grad).  Interested in connecting with those of similar interests.  Enjoy!