The Longest Train I Ever Saw was on the Georgia Line

Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia
We had a bit of a late start this morning, leaving the hotel around 8am.  Getting into Savannah on a Sunday morning with no party in session was relatively painless to the night prior.  Even just walking around the city I found the Savannah locals to be very friendly, receiving several welcoming, “Good Morning!”‘s.
Savannah Georgia

We parked first at Abercorn & Bay Street and were pleased to find free street parking on Sundays, especially when garage parking would have set us back $20 due to the St. Patrick’s Day event.  From there we walked through a few of the famous squares, each  being a small parkette containing a memorial.  Despite being in the centre of a city the air seems fresh and easy to breathe, especially considering the south’s infamous humidity.

Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia

 We then drove down to Forsyth park, just a few city blocks south.  The park is gorgeous and surrounded by beautiful historic southern houses.  The park and streets are lined with gorgeous gnarly oak trees dripping in Spanish moss.  There is a beautiful white fountain in the centre, which had been enhanced with green dye in honour of St. Patrick.  I really enjoyed the time I spent in Savannah and will definitely be returning to see more of what the city has to offer.

Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia

 Following Savannah, we finished off the final leg of our trip down to south Florida.  For dinner I had a sub from Florida’s grocery store Publix, a Floridian favourite.  My only complaint was the whole wheat bun had a sweet taste to it.

I’ll likely be having an early night tonight as I’m exhausted from three days of travel.  Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Everglades in the morning and not sure yet what the afternoon will bring.

Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia

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